Emmaus Related Products / Fun Stuff

Links to providers of cards, gifts, and sundries to use with walk team members and pilgrims

De Colores, Inc. A superb selection of cards, stationery, gifts and music.

Sings the Rooster.com – a 4th Day Friendly Website

Nite Owl Promotions, Inc. Nite Owl has been in the screen-printing and embroidery business for over 25 years. Several members of our ownership, sales and production teams are active in our local Emmaus community. Visit our website and click on the Upper Room link and give us the opportunity to provide you with the latest in licensed Upper Room apparel.

Dove Inc. 270-789-6974 Allow Dove Inc. the opportunity to print or embroider your community logo, customize a design, or add a drop name on an official Walk to Emmaus tee shirt, fleece or other garment.

Nipper’s Embroidery Over 40 years of experience in sporting goods, embroidery and printing, we can customize anything.